Tensions fortes sur les composants

Ci dessous un courrier d’AVX sur la pénurie des composants

Global MLCC Supply
Order levels for multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) products have reached levels never seen before in our industry due to extended lead times from every supplier. A number of suppliers have diverted capacity away from larger case size legacy products in favor of expansion in to smaller case size technology. While we expect this trend to continue there are still many applications that will require these larger size components.
This has led to a significant imbalance between supply and demand for the capacity at AVX. The part numbers in the attached file represent the biggest challenge for AVX and we have no short to medium term supply options. We continue to make considerable investments in capacity expansion but at this time this will have little impact in the near term. We will do our utmost to secure product as soon as we can and communicate changes to you whenever they become known.
These parts have not been permanently withdrawn and we believe this is a temporary situation that we are working hard to resolve. We fully understand the disruption that this will cause our customers, and our engineering resources are standing by to support any substitution discussions wherever possible. We apologize for the disruption or inconvenience as a result of this temporary situation.

Order suspensions list AVX « Yageo »

Rutronik Part Number Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer 
KKS3378 02016D105MAT2A AVX
KKK20175 04023C104KAT2A AVX
KKK22500 04024D475MAT2A AVX
KKS1093 04026D105KAT2A AVX
KKK23374 04026D225KAT2A AVX
KKK22601 04026D226MAT2A AVX
KKK23940 04026D475KAT2A AVX
KKK21427 0402YC104JAT2A AVX
KKK20598 0402YC104KAT2A AVX
KKK21057 0402YD104KAT2A AVX
KKS4218 0402YD105KAT2A AVX
KKK18245 0402ZD105KAT2A AVX
KKK23941 0402ZD475KAT2A AVX
KKK22911 0402ZD475MAT2A AVX
KKK19033 06033D105KAT2A AVX
KKK23532 06034D226MAT2A AVX
KKK19030 06036C225KAT2A AVX
KKS4827 06036D106KAT2A AVX
KKS2907 06036D106MAT2A AVX
KKK16957 06036D225KAT2A AVX
KKK17355 06036D475KAT2A AVX
KKS3092 0603YC105KAT2A AVX
KKK16231 0603YD105KAT2A AVX
KKK19032 0603YD225KAT2A AVX
KKS5008 0603ZC105JAT2A AVX
KKK15998 0603ZD105KAT2A AVX
KKK23057 0603ZD105MAT2A AVX
KKS4568 0603ZD106MAT2A AVX
KKK19031 0603ZD225KAT2A AVX
KKK18902 08053C225KAT2A AVX
KKK21592 08053C475KAT2A AVX
KKK21379 08053D106KAT2A AVX
KKK21593 08053D225KAT2A AVX
KKK18818 08053D475KAT2A AVX
KKK23714 08055C225KAT2A AVX
KKS3553 08056D226MAT2A AVX
KKK22093 08056D475KAT2A AVX
KKK19026 0805YC475KAT2A AVX
KKK19028 0805YD106KAT2A AVX
KKK19424 0805YD475KAT2A AVX
KKS4085 0805ZC106KAT2A AVX
KKK22639 0805ZC475KAT2A AVX
KKK18335 0805ZD106KAT2A AVX
KKK19904 0805ZD475KAT2A AVX
KKK22989 0805ZG106ZAT2A AVX
KKK20135 0805ZG475ZAT2A AVX
KKK20673 12061C225KAT2A AVX
KKK21219 12061Z475KAT2A AVX
KKK22635 12063C106KAT2A AVX
KKK22233 12063C475KAT2A AVX
KKK20607 12063C475KAT4A AVX
KKK19022 12063D106KAT2A AVX
KKK19936 12063D475KAT2A AVX
KKK20609 12065C475KAT2A AVX
KKK19024 12066C226KAT2A AVX
KKK23665 12066D476MAT2A AVX
KKK19023 1206YC106KAT2A AVX
KKK16927 1206YD106KAT2A AVX
KKK21374 1206YD225KAT2A AVX
KKK22640 1206YD226KAT2A AVX
KKK18682 1206YD226MAT2A AVX
KKK21595 1206YD475KAT2A AVX
KKS4216 1206ZC226KAT2A AVX
KKK17907 12101C105KAT2A AVX
KKK23385 12101C105KAZ2A AVX
KKK19014 12103C106KAT2A AVX
KKS2009 12103C106KAZ2A AVX
KKK17349 12103D106KAT2A AVX
KKK18349 12103D226KAT2A AVX
KKK23381 12103D226MAT2A AVX
KKK22641 12105C105KAT2A AVX
KKK18912 12105C105KAZ2A AVX
KKS4217 12105C106KAT2A AVX
KKK18028 12105C475KAT2A AVX
KKK21479 12105C475KAT4A AVX
KKK18771 12105C475KAZ2A AVX
KKK15124 12106D476KAT2A AVX
KKK19859 1210YC105KAT2A AVX
KKS4932 1210YC226KAT2A AVX
KKS3433 1210YC226MAT2A AVX
KKK15443 1210YC475KAT2A AVX
KKK16944 1210YD106KAT2A AVX
KKK13993 1210YD226KAT2A AVX
KKK23951 1210YD226MAT2A AVX
KKK22647 1210ZC226KAT2A AVX
KKS4261 1210ZD226KAT2A AVX
KKS1464 08056D106KAT4A/…3A AVX
KKK6687 08055C104KAT2A AVX
KKK21195 08055C104KAT4A AVX
KKK19659 06035C104KAT2A AVX
KKK21773 06035C104KAT4A AVX
KKK19660 06033C104KAT2A AVX
KKK20889 06033C104KAT4A AVX
KKK5001 0603YC104KAT2A AVX
KKK20811 0603YC104KAT4A AVX
KKK18962 02016D104KAT2A AVX
KKK17145 04026D224KAT2A AVX
KKK2792 06035A101JAT2A AVX
KKK2811 06035C103KAT2A AVX
KKK21183 08055C103KAT4A AVX
KKK20038 0805ZC105KAT2A AVX
KKK19558 08053C105KAT2A AVX
KKK21602 08053D105KAT2A AVX
KKK22001 12061C104KAT4A AVX
KKK2466 12065C104KAT2A AVX
KKK21159 1206YC105KAT2A AVX
KKK22953 CC0402KRX5R5BB225 Yageo
KKK22857 CC0402KRX5R6BB225 Yageo
KKS5007 CC0402KRX5R7BB105 Yageo
KKK23859 CC0402KRX6S6BB105 Yageo
KKK23675 CC0402KRX7R5BB105 Yageo
KKK22537 CC0603JRNPO9BN472 Yageo
KKS3014 CC0603KRX5R5BB106 Yageo
KKK17248 CC0603KRX5R5BB475 Yageo
KKS3886 CC0603KRX5R6BB106 Yageo
KKS4579 CC0603KRX5R6BB475 Yageo
KKK23653 CC0603KRX5R9BB225 Yageo
KKS2901 CC0603KRX7R6BB225 Yageo
KKS3586 CC0603KRX7R8BB105 Yageo
KKS3152 CC0603KRX7R9BB105 Yageo
KKS4440 CC0603MPX5R5BB106 Yageo
KKS2722 CC0603MRX5R5BB106 Yageo
KKK23646 CC0603MRX5R5BB226 Yageo
KKS3022 CC0603MRX5R6BB106 Yageo
KKK23655 CC0603MRX5R8BB106 Yageo
KKK18635 CC0805KKX5R5BB106 Yageo
KKK18660 CC0805KKX5R6BB106 Yageo
KKS3008 CC0805KKX5R7BB106 Yageo
KKS4559 CC0805KKX5R8BB106 Yageo
KKK20581 CC0805KKX5R8BB475 Yageo
KKS3020 CC0805KKX7R5BB106 Yageo
KKS3021 CC0805KKX7R6BB106 Yageo
KKK22585 CC0805KKX7R6BB475 Yageo
KKK23650 CC0805KKX7R7BB106 Yageo
KKK23255 CC0805KKX7R7BB475 Yageo
KKK22536 CC0805KKX7R8BB475 Yageo
KKK23188 CC0805MFX5R5BB476 Yageo
KKS1542 CC0805MKX5R5BB226 Yageo
KKK22784 CC0805MKX5R5BB476 Yageo
KKK23267 CC0805MKX5R6BB226 Yageo
KKK23621 CC0805MKX5R8BB226 Yageo
KKK23930 CC0805MKX6S5BB226 Yageo
KKK22535 CC1206JKNPO9BN104 Yageo
KKK23640 CC1206KKX5R5BB226 Yageo
KKK19102 CC1206KKX5R7BB106 Yageo
KKS2725 CC1206KKX5R8BB106 Yageo
KKK23643 CC1206KKX5R8BB226 Yageo
KKK23249 CC1206KKX5R8BB475 Yageo
KKK23932 CC1206KKX7R5BB226 Yageo
KKK22816 CC1206KKX7R6BB226 Yageo
KKK19222 CC1206KKX7R6BB475 Yageo
KKS2553 CC1206KKX7R7BB106 Yageo
KKS3013 CC1206KKX7R8BB106 Yageo
KKK20735 CC1206KKX7R8BB475 Yageo
KKK20737 CC1206KKX7R9BB225 Yageo
KKK23171 CC1206MKX5R5BB107 Yageo
KKS3009 CC1206MKX5R5BB476 Yageo
KKS3016 CC1210KKX5R7BB226 Yageo
KKK19226 CC1210KKX5R8BB106 Yageo
KKK23645 CC1210KKX5R8BB226 Yageo
KKK22821 CC1210KKX7R7BB226 Yageo
KKK19227 CC1210KKX7R7BB475 Yageo
KKS3011 CC1210KKX7R8BB106 Yageo
KKK22508 CC1210KKX7R8BB226 Yageo
KKS4000 CC1210KKX7R9BB106 Yageo
KKK22811 CC1210KKX7R9BB475 Yageo
KKK22796 CC1210MKX5R6BB107 Yageo
KKS3302 CC1210MKX5R7BB107 Yageo
KKK18332 CC1210ZKY5V6BB226 Yageo
KKS2275 SC1812KKX7RWBB102 Yageo
KKK23669 CC0402KRX5R8BB105 Yageo

Delivery situation MLCC+TANT

Manufacturer Technology Subtechnology Current Leadtime Actions from Manufacturer Delivery Situation Price trend
AVX MLCC Automotive  > 45 weeks   Increase
Commodity > 35 weeks price increase from 01.04.2018 fixed qty/month for allocation parts ALLOCATION Increase
HiCV (>=1uF)  > 35 weeks ALLOCATION Increase
TANTAL MnO² ca. 18 – 24 weeks price increase from 01.04.2018 Increase
KEMET MLCC Automotive > 45 weeks   ALLOCATION stable
Commodity > 35 weeks fixed qty/month for allocation parts ALLOCATION stable
HiCV (>=1uF) > 35 weeks ALLOCATION stable
TANTAL MnO² ca. 20 – 26 weeks price increase from 01.03.2018   Increase
MURATA MLCC Automotive > 40 weeks price increase from 01.04.2018 extension of Legacy part list Increase
HiCV (>=1uF) > 30 weeks ALLOCATION Increase
>= 0603 Size & Larger > 30 weeks LEGACY Increase
SAMSUNG MLCC Automotive > 50 weeks price increase from 01.04.2018 ALLOCATION Increase
Commodity > 35 weeks ALLOCATION Increase
HiCV (>=1uF) > 35 weeks ALLOCATION Increase
TDK MLCC Automotive > 50 weeks   Increase
Commodity > 60 weeks   Increase
WALSIN MLCC Automotive ca. 20 weeks price increase from 01.05.2018 stop order items for High caps stable
Commodity > 30 weeks ALLOCATION Increase
HiCV (>=1uF) > 50 weeks STOP ORDER Increase
YAGEO MLCC Automotive ca. 20 weeks price increase from 01.04.2018 Reservation items – only available for limited customers Increase
Commodity > 30 weeks ALLOCATION Increase
HiCV (>=1uF) > 50 weeks ALLOCATION Increase
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